This is a 1 month postoperative result in a woman who was treated with BodyTite and liposuction. The real results show later on - 70% at 3 months, 100% at 6 months.

55 year old woman before and 3 months after high definition liposculpture of the arms and BodyTite to reduce excess skin and hang.

FaceTite, liposuction, and buccal fat pad removal of a 29 year old Asian woman. Post-op photos were taken at 4 weeks.

Conservative Facetite of the chin, lower face, and neck to enhance jawline definition years after a facelift operation. Post-op photos taken at 2 months.

Liposuction and Facetite of lower face and chin to enhance jawline and bone structure in a 45 year old man. Post-op photos taken at 3 months.