Dr. Zelken, a fellowship-trained microsurgeon, has published more than 30 peer-reviewed journal publications and 10 textbook chapters on the topic of cancer and trauma reconstruction. Having trained at Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland, Dr. Zelken has experience in treating gunshot and blunt force trauma injury. In Taiwan, Dr. Zelken treated hundreds of cases of head and neck cancer defects caused by betel nut, which is somewhat similar to chewing tobacco. He performs ALT (thigh) flaps, forearm flaps, latissimus dorsi, and fibular flaps for various defects. In Orange County, Dr. Zelken takes trauma call at several major hospitals and is equipped to replant fingers, cover exposed bone, cover extensive cancer defects from head to toe, and repair nerve injuries. His extensive hand training at the Curtis National Hand Center and fellowship training in Taiwan at the world’s busiest microsurgery unit should ease your mind that there is hope in your recovery. Finally, Dr. Zelken is happy to discuss penile reconstruction in men with birth defects and women undergoing gender reassignment. He has contributed to the topic of phalloplasty and his work has been exhibited internationally. He will happy to perform your mastectomy if you are undergoing gender reassignment, or your breast augmentation. Call (949) 432-4730 to discuss your case, consult, or need for revision reconstruction with Dr. Zelken today.