Rhinoplasty, often called a nose job is a way of improving appearance by reshaping, enlarging, or reducing the nose. The nose is the centerpiece of the face and can be psychologically impactful when it is not harmonious with the rest of your face. Historically, rhinoplasty was a means of Westernizing noses of various ethnic and religious groups to a European and Caucasian standard. In plastic surgery training, Dr. Zelken learned about ideal angles, proportions and shapes. Dr. Zelken thinks these parameters are somewhat dated and should be used as a general guideline only, and will evaluate your nose on an individual basis. While respecting your goals, Dr. Zelken will offer you a candid analysis of your anatomy and what to expect after surgery.

Dr. Zelken spent a year in Asia and has trained under experts who are famed for their innovations. He has written several papers on the topic of Asian rhinoplasty. As worldwide wealth accumulates amongst ethnic Asians and stigma dissipates, there is an increasing demand for aesthetic surgery that emphasizes enhancement of natural beauty rather than Westernization. Rhinoplasty is increasingly common, second to blepharoplasty in popularity. A new set of aesthetic standards specific to the ethnic Asian nose is emerging. As standards evolve, so do the methods to achieve them; this is demonstrated by a rapidly expanding scientific literature on the topic.

Though significant variation exists, several features characterize the stereotypical Asian nose: thick skin, low bridge, and a blunted and under projected tip. When these features become disharmonious, tip projection and nasal lengthening can be achieved using a variety of shapes of cartilage grafts from your nose, ear, or rib, and implants when necessary. The deft plastic surgeon must address the cultural values, high demands, and individual goals of his Asian patients. At Z Plastic Surgery we welcome patients from across the world and there is a Mandarin Chinese translator available. If you are interested in exploring this further, call (949) 432-4730 and press option 3 for our Chinese hotline to speak with a Mandarin-speaking physician and schedule your appointment.

At Z Plastic Surgery we treat a wide variety of patients from every ethnic background and respect the anatomic and cultural nuances that exist. In some cases, post-traumatic deformity and botched surgery that affects airway patency may be partially or entirely covered by your insurance. If you are suffering from airway obstruction or a chronically stuffed nose, call us to review your story. If you had previous rhinoplasty and are botched or unhappy with your result, Dr. Zelken will discuss revision options for you. While risks of rhinoplasty surgery increase with a history of nasal trauma or rhinoplasty, we may be able to offer helpful solutions to get your life back on track. Schedule your appointment today for a thorough physical examination and strategic plan.