Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, can rejuvenate the neckline, jawline, jowls, midface, and even the brow. Whether you want one or all of these areas treated, rhytidectomy can improve your appearance drastically, and almost instantly. We all know faces that look artificial or operated-on. Dr. Zelken has compiled his favorite pearls from mentors in the United States and Asia to provide drastic results that are not windblown, overdone, or asymmetric. In most cases, he takes a systematic approach that generates reliable results safely.

Rhytidectomy techniques have evolved significantly over the past century. Skin excision was the norm for more than half a century. The paradigm shifted in the late 1960s and 1970s when surgeons discovered benefits of manipulating deeper layers of tissue (superficial musculaponeurotic system, SMAS). The SMAS layer is the webbing between your facial muscles, that, when tightened, has a rejuvenating effect that improves longevity and scarring. By tightening the SMAS a skin in a specific direction, Dr. Zelken can help turn your egg-shaped face into an apple-shaped face.

Men and women alike are candidates for surgery. Men do have a higher risk of internal bleeding, simply because hear-bearing facial skin has a greater blood supply, but the risk remains low with meticulous technique. Smokers are typically prohibited from this operation for fear of blood supply compromise and wounding. If you had a prior facelift, you can still have a revision or update safely. Dr. Zelken often performs eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) at the time of facelift and may also use BOTOX and fillers to further enhance your result.

Other complications like asymmetry and nerve injury are significant risks. Dr. Zelken has trained extensively in head and neck reconstructive surgery and wrote a chapter on surgical approaches to the face with a focus on pitfalls of dissection. If you are interested in discussing your facial rejuvenation or revision with Dr. Zelken, call (949) 432-4730 to schedule your consultation. At Z Plastic Surgery we welcome patients from across the world and there is a Mandarin Chinese translator available. If you are interested in exploring this further, call (949) 432-4730 and press option 3 for the Z Plastic Surgery Chinese hotline to speak with a Mandarin-speaking physician and to schedule your appointment.