Blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift can involve rejuvenation or reshaping of the upper, lower, or both eyelids. Many patients complain of puffy eyelids, looking tired all the time, or shadows on their faces. Blepharoplasty procedures range from straightforward to complex, and in many cases, can be performed in Z Plastic Surgery’s procedure suite under local anesthesia. Dr. Zelken reports blepharoplasty as one of his top three favorite operations to perform, as it yields instant results, rewards perfectionism and meticulous technique, and can be performed under local anesthesia in certain cases.

In the same way, blepharoplasty for aging should preserve your appearance. Optimal results should leave your friends wondering, did you have something done? Dr. Zelken believes eliminating shadows is the most important goal of blepharoplasty, not so much excision of tissue. For example, in lower lid blepharoplasty, many patients complain of bags or festoons. Rather than excising the fat that causes these festoons (which may not eliminate shadows), Dr. Zelken will consider repositioning that excess tissue to a more desirable location like your cheekbone to efface folds and enhance your cheeks. In many cases, blepharoplasty is paired with injection of BOTOX to further enhance appearance and freshen up your look. Latisse is another nonsurgical option to enhance eyelash fullness and length.

Ethnic blepharoplasty, including Asian eyelid surgery, should improve appearance without insulting ethnic identity. It is very possible to do this while establishing symmetrical folds, opening your eyes further, and effacing the epicanthal fold. Dr. Zelken has observed eyelid surgery in Taipei and Seoul and appreciates the meticulous technique used and subtlety in Asian outcomes after blepharoplasty. At Z Plastic Surgery we welcome patients from across the world and there is a Mandarin Chinese translator available. If you are interested in exploring this further, call (949) 432-4730 and press option 3 for our Chinese hotline to speak with a Mandarin-speaking physician and schedule your appointment.

If you are interested in eyelid surgery to improve your vision because of sagging brows and excessive upper lid skin your surgery might be covered by insurance and we can explore this further. The same is true for post-traumatic eyelid deformities, burns, dry eyes, loose skin, and revision of botched procedures. To explore your options please call to schedule your appointment with Dr. Zelken today.